Hi and welcome, to James D Connolly website.

I hope through this site I can share my work with you; my Books, Reflections, Poetry and Art. You will find links to my Books as they come out, and I will share more of my Poetry and my Art in time. So watch the menu for new pages, and I will seek to inform you when I add them.

Symbolic writing and art portray deeper themes so beautifully and magically. They seem to have the power to present the deeper themes of the existence of man, and reach new places. They allow us share ideas as a gift, and also allow the reader or viewer to react as they will, and see what they see. I don’t fully understand the nature of the power of symbols and words, but I believe they are more part of the essence of what we really are than even the cells of our body.

We have all been given talents and abilities to share; to make our way in the world and to enhance the collective human reality. I hope my natural love for words and meaning will enhance your life. It is also my hope, that in time, I can invite you to workshops on the themes in my books, and some very core life skill and life enhancement courses.

So keep your eyes on this space, and I hope I may be of service to you.

James D


“One may share all one knows, loves and sees in life, and yet know very little. That one does share these things is to be a part of the larger human journey, not to be the knower of it.
                                     Life and the human journey…What a spectacular mystery! What a stupendous school!” JDC


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