Month: July 2016


The call for unity, is only the start of what must be an engaged and active effort, not an endless wave of opinion pieces built on bias or simplistic ideals that shut down solutions and unified action.   We have all seen the endless commentary on the many struggles of our world. But I am […]

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Us and Them

We is the future, and Our is the solution.   The endless us and them must eventually give way to… We need to work together… We need to communicate and understand each other… These are our problems and we need to deal with them together. Us and them stops any movement immediately. It creates aggressors and […]

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Detachment and Connection

They say we should rely on ourselves, rely on God or on our own inner self for happiness. Most would suppose this to be true. To be happy in your own company is good, but to me, the want to be connected and purposed with others is as intrinsic to life and happiness.   Where […]

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