A Reflection 2020


The lack of love and humility is now a tangible pain surrounding us.

Have we not seen enough trouble? Are we not sick of the pain visited by each other, on each other? Don’t we all yearn for kindness and love, and caring support? Have the endless new ideologies of the last one hundred years brought peace to hearts, or more pain and anger?

We seem to be unaware of our potential; one that lies within humility and kindness. All good, and real happiness, spring from these. Anger and separation, only begets more anger and separation. Maybe it is time we reflected on our daily motives, on humanity’s last two hundred years of learning, and on the full nature of the known history of humanity. Isn’t it time to be humble, be kind, and finally take an adult form…in the nobility of the beauty that lies within each of us?

The concern for things, for safety, and to be right, has failed us. Surely the scared child of humanity, and the unsure and boisterous experimenting youth of the whole human creature, has had its time. Surely we understand now that humility and love become us, and realise these can create a human future worthy of our life experience and the human memory.

The focus on the material aspects of life, and being concerned about ourselves before others is slowly draining life out of us, and the beauty available to us; one available in the love we may bear each other, and the cooperation and nurture that can endlessly flow from the loving spiritual reality within us. It being, those powers of character, that raise us up, and raise others up; compassion, courage, honestly, contentment, humility…rather than selfishness, fear, lies, want of more, want of ease and arrogance of our own view.

There are as many ideologies of life out there, as there are people it seems, and this too is adding to the breakdown. Arrogance does not befit humans or humanity. My theme of humility and love finds its antithesis in this aspect of lower motivation. Our world is awash with ideology separation, and being right; less so, seeking the truth together.

I am a Baha’i, and while life calls me to write, this revelation exists in how I see the world and in what I write. I find its beauty can call us to a higher place as humanity, and create unity and love. I believe it is worthy of at least some exploration, but of course, for me, it holds my heart and great hopes for all of us, as we wander through the current flux of humanity’s adolescence.

I am writing this to be of service, and because humility has called to me deeply recently. In humility, and being more surrounded by authentic love, is where my future, hopefully yours, and humanity’s, lies. The giving of more pure love to others is more what I seek to do, as I feel the great need for love around us strongly now. It flows out of us, so maybe we have been tardy if there is not enough of it in the world.

To seek the truth together too, is superior, and humble; no matter how convinced we are of our view. Are we all not learning in the endless vastness of a universe beyond our small understanding, and in the miracle and complexity of the human creature? We sit within a miracle, within a miracle, and we somehow believe we know. I suggest we need to find more science and understanding, but together, and to develop that which is valuable and nurturing to each other and humanity.

We need be human first, caring first, loving first, and a great family first, and so work in greater unity. The greater our unity, the greater our potential, as a species; as a family. There is so much flux and strife and discord and opinion, and I believe it is killing us. Arrogance, selfishness, and fear, are diseases wracking the body of humanity; wracking each of us. 

There is a call in our pain, to a higher way, a kinder way, a loving way, and the pain will increase with the disease, until we have had enough, and in humility we gather together. The focus of life on money and animal satisfactions, beyond what is beneficial, is running rampant through our societies, and in our media. The considered norm seems lost in a dark place. It is no sweet meadow.  

How long will the distraction, fear, want, and anger persist? How long will the separation of humans along lines of nationality, race, creed, and culture persist? The troubles in the world exist in a lack of love and unity; of seeing each other, all, as family. Disunity is the destroyer of life, and the bar to the health of our now very much, one, and interconnected world. I believe only unity and love, heartfelt, will quell the pain you and I feel.

I myself am returning to more connection, and more to humility, which do not bar me from seeking the truth of anything. Humility creates active learning, and connection affords me more love. I so very much want to live there, and will seek help grow it where I can; to unite, and be kind. Even though the struggles created by human difference lay there, the emptiness of arrogance and separation is the greatest desert.

I put all these things simply to you, to consider I suppose; to reflect on. I am just another human in the tussle with you, but I hope you do reflect on these things, and find them more in your motivations. I hope you seek more understanding of the Well that I love, the Baha’i Faith. I offer it as a friend, and not in arrogance or difference, but with love.

May love surround you, may humility visit you and stay with you, may a realisation of the age of human unity gather you up. May the water of humility, courage, compassion and love quench the fires in our homes and in our world, and the rain bring the cooling breeze of an evolved and united humankind.

In deep sincerity and hope
James D