The Storyteller Trilogy

 Sandwalkers and Icers, Angels and Agents, Darkness and Travellers. 

From the planet of Temelj in a distant galaxy, to Earth, to Places Deeper.

Join the adventure! Seek the meaning.


Welcome to the Second Trilogy of The Department Of Truth Series!

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These adventurous books have characters across the age spectrum, and they would definitely be enjoyed by any reader who loves meaning and magic.

Being symbolic stories, they are just as rich in what is hidden in them, as what is immediately obvious. They could be read again and again, each time finding something new.

They are ‘out there’ stories, with classic characters and strange situations which would engage any reader.

It is my hope that they would also be a great resource for study circles, youth group mentors and animators; also, that parts of them be used as discussion subjects, and in artistic activities. 

They look unapologetically at the world, and humanity; at aspects of coming to adulthood, personally and as the human race. Also at the need for effort, the nature of thinking for ourselves, and the nature of civilisation itself. 

They are full of ideas, questions, and meaning. Many things that all of us, young or old, can interact with and reflect on, and seek our own understandings.



“Through adventures and adversity, friendships and loyalties are formed;
knowledge and wisdom found.

While these stories are of wild and unreal places the characters and concepts are very grounded. I find myself often relating to the characters at various times
and reflecting on my own life.”

                                                                                                Maureen Barton


The Storyteller 

       Journey to adulthood

Letter to the World

       Our world and humanity

The Traveller

       The nature of civilisation


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