The Storyteller






The Storyteller

A young boy, Able Jones, finds himself on a desert planet, and is saved by a Sandwalker. These telepathic beings seek The Great Chasm, and most wander the desert planet of Temelj for many years; some a lifetime. The lad must learn from the Walker as they dodge their mortal foe, The Icers.

The Icer airships, and the Hunter Lords, destroy all that is not fitting to the Icer way. A young lady of this ken finds herself confronting difference and change. She is challenged by a sudden and fateful acceptance of her foe, and begins to learn about her true self. All this, while her father, the great Hunter Lord Enom Clovek, hunts them all down, to save his daughter from this shame.

They are all inexorably carried along by the tide of change that is rising on their planet, all learning what it means and where their allegiances lie, as a mysterious hidden force called The Power, seeks to bring on the unification of their world.

Walk the deserts of Temelj with Dossd and Able Jones; sail the air with Eedra, as they all flow with the tide of change, and survive ignorance and old hatreds.

There is much to learn… as you walk the sands of humility.

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