Coming soon! July 2021


Jack finds himself once more on his back and suffering a strong heart attack in his back paddock. Being torturously done with Travelling after now seemingly endless journeys and jaunts Deeper, he calls out for it all to end. A more violent heart attack ensues and he loses all memory of his travels, but retains the knowledge granted by them and his efforts in those strange and wonderful places.

He finds himself back in his ‘call a spade a shovel’ way of being from before he left on his first journey Deeper, while wondering about the mystery of the knowledge which bubbles to the surface at times, and one rather strange visitor. He joins some firesides and reunites with an old Earth friend as he tries to settle his all too honest and forthright views on things; upsetting more than one participant.

The knowledge of another Jack and his experiences, but no memory of it, challenges his ‘tell it how he sees it’ way of being, while he attends fireside conversation meetings and begins working with others to build a local social development project. All those who work on this project learn about the process of getting together and working on community development; in their own way.

Jack works to bring his two seemingly different selves together on planet Earth, while Change plays with him, and also propels Jennifer; a lady believes that he has just met, on her first journeys Deeper. She battles with The Oppressor and loss of memory as she gathers her feet in the changeable reality of Travelling.

Join Jack and Jennifer and the others as they explore what is to be of use to wider society, learn about the underlying forces existent in our world, and what true oppression is.  

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