Bianca is twelve years old and suddenly finds herself Travelling. She travels to Wai Nova, an ocean world, on and off, never knowing when she will find herself there. She finds her life vocation in her exploration of herself and this other world; even in the midst of all the confusion of this seemingly erratic multi-dimensional Travel. Thankfully an old man building a house down an old road nearby helps her understand her travels and more about life, all while a life Essence called Volje, and Time herself, also see to the child’s education.

Things settle again to life on Earth after a short time of Travelling, but again at twenty one years of age she is taken again on new adventures in Places Deeper, and Other Places. It is a time for decisions on marriage, more exploration into the reality of relationships, and she is introduced to the powerful nurturing Essence of Consultation; another expression of the creative influence of The Creator.

In time, these newer Travels too fall away, only to find herself off again Deeper much later in her life as a mother of two young souls. She learns more about the responsibility of motherhood, and even comes across her future soul in a place Deeper. Again the old man and Volje, as well as her future self who is now a deep Essence of life, help her make sense of her travels and the nature of this special time in her life.

Her family come together to aid her in a time of struggle, now aware of her Travelling, but she soon finds herself off battling The Noise of the world alone; her own will, being her only ally. She also learns more about the power of Consultation and its many necessary aspects. She comes to realise more deeply its regenerative nature; a transforming and foundational construct that powers real communication, helps build a more nurtured family life, and aids in the creation of a better world.

Join Bianca and Able, Agents and Life Essences, and learn of the nature of human will; the power of Volition and Consultation. Get to know The Noise, where it rises, and how we may quiet it and guide our children to a better future.


The nature of volition, and the power of consultation


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