The Great Chasm is on the cusp of a momentous change. Enemies abound, and six visitors strangely appear only weeks before the inception of The Great Council. They find themselves troublesome, yet also the answer to the prayers of one particular soul, and they use their abilities to aid the development of the Chasm, while intrigues and planetary enemies of this New Faith threaten it.

The vote is to bring the passing down of the mantle of this New Faith to a Great Council, one of Justice, and things are delicate enough in the chasm at this time without these strange new visitors; a young Agent who is new to his work and untrained, two Travelling souls, a human lad who walks the desert of Temelj with a Sandwalker, an orchardist who is something far more than he knows, as well as an Essence of nature.

The Custodians of the new Faith of Nov-Cikel, Edossd are bounden to guide the vote, and find they have to manage these visitors and the talk created by their strange appearance. There are also rumblings and certain dangers in the egos of a few adherents which lie hidden; usurpers waiting to make their move when the vote is taken. All this, while a young Hunter Lord escapes home across the desert, determined to bring the airships and full wrath of the merciless Hunter Lords down on The Great Chasm.

Paths of old characters cross here in Temelj, all learning about their own frailties and their deeper connection. The Custodians selflessly guide the Beautiful Way on to its intended future amid the rumblings, while still helping guide the work of the development of the fields and villages of the chasm. Hidden enemies lurk and great enemies threaten, but all is as it is, as crisis and victory plays out in this hidden yet foundational place.

Join Able and The Doc, Young Agent Deveroux and a lady called Etera; join the Custodians, farmers, and scientists, as they fight the dangers of this time, the usurpers of power, and seek to develop the future, and the unity, of the planet Temelj.


The nature of justice, and the insistent self


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