James D Connolly

Hello, I am an Australian writer and artist, of Irish decent. My family have been here many generations, and I am very Australian. It is a part of me, and the Irish in me makes me even more at home here. I love meaning and philosophy, and I seek to help create positive practical change. Not just create lovely arrangements of words. 

I am really a storyteller, rather than a writer. I don’t know if there is a difference, but that is how it feels to me. I am untrained in writing and painting by choice, as I wanted to bring out whatever I had to give more organically. 

I have worked hard all my life; even working with cattle as a child, and in my youth. It was a great childhood. I was a runner and footballer growing up, but now content myself with regular runs and walks in natural places. I have lived and worked city and country, from the far Western Queensland to the Gold Coast, and have been involved with people of all kens. I have also dedicated much of my life to my Faith’s work in facilitating Child, Youth and Adult spiritual education. 

I believe the human world rises or falls on our perception of its reality, and I believe we have been talked too much into our lower animal nature; while our spiritual nature has become an escape, or an experience, rather than a way of living. If we need to escape from our daily lives, we are moving in the wrong direction.

My children are my heart, and my family has been my greatest support, even though they were not so sure about all the spiritual stuff. I see spirituality as practical, essential, and foundational, in human existence. I believe that we are drifting too far away from integrity, truthfulness, courage, moderation, humility, compassion, generosity etc etc, and we will have to turn, or crash.

My purpose in life is to increase vision. To help turn the human ship, just as many others do.

I hope I will succeed. I hope we will all succeed. All we can do is have a go.

James D Connolly


“We are like reservoirs. We all have something to give; something that is very much us.
To feel the flow of what you are, and what you have been given, out into the world, is a lovely and fulfilling experience. Especially if the reservoir has been filling, and awaiting its time, for many years.
Find your waters, create a focus for it to flow through, and let it flow.”


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