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Bianca, a twelve-year-old girl, suddenly finds herself Travelling. She is taken on and off to Wai Nova, an ocean world; never knowing when she will find herself there, or when she will return home. Thankfully, an old man building a house nearby helps her understand her Travels.

The Travelling abates after a short while, but again at twenty-one years of age she is taken again. It is a time for decisions on marriage, more exploration into the reality of relationships, and she is introduced to the powerful nurturing Essence of Consultation.

Later, as a mother of two young souls, it all starts again, finding herself back on the water planet. She is more confident now, and at ease in Travel, but soon finds herself battling The Noise of the world, alone; her own will being her only ally.

Her family eventually become aware of her Travelling, and seek to support her inner and outer struggles. All of them coming to realise more deeply the powerful regenerative nature of consultation, while Bianca learns that it is in our human will where the battle rages in our world.

Join Bianca and Able Jones, some Life Essences, and others, and learn of the nature of human will; the power of Volition and Consultation. Get to know The Noise, where it rises, and how we may quiet it and guide our children to a better future.


The nature of volition, and the power of consultation

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I would very much appreciate any testimonials.
Even just a sentence about your experience with this book.

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