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Jack Johnston finds himself on his back in his paddock; again! Now being torturously done with endless cycling back to this place, he screams for it all to end; even seeking death in preference. His prayer is answered rather violently, and all memory of his travels, and Travelling, are lost.

Now back in his earthy ‘tell it how he sees it’, ‘harden up’, ‘call a spade a shovel’ self, from before all his journeying, he struggles with the mystery of certain knowledge which bubbles to the surface at times; as well as a more than strange visitor called Change.

While all this challenges him, he lives his life on Earth, meets a lady called Jennifer, and workswith friends to build a local social development project. This eclectic group learn much from just getting together and working on the grassroots effort.

But Change, this whacky, but powerful, life essence, continues to “help” Jack, and Jennifer; even propelling Jennifer on her first journeys Deeper. This young woman finds herself struggling deeply in the changeable reality of Travelling, from memory loss, and from finding herself in a battle with a very dark force.

Join Jack, Jennifer, and the others, as they explore what is to be of use to wider society, learn about the underlying forces existent in our world, and become aware of what true oppression is.


First is knowledge, and the true nature of oppression

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