The Storyteller Trilogy

 Sandwalkers and Icers, Angels and Agents, Darkness and Travellers.
Wander the desert planet of Temelj in a distant galaxy; to Earth, and Places Deeper.


Welcome to my new trilogy; The Storyteller Trilogy. Three books full of adventure and meaning.

   The Storyteller Trilogy has been created as my gift to youth; though these stories would no doubt be enjoyed by readers of all ages, and most definitely have been.

   These three books gather many of the themes of life, the current world’s struggles and realities, deeper forces at play, and some of its history. They lend themselves to the theme of the development of the human race, and the true nature of civilisation.

   They seek to put civilisation and its ferment squarely in our hands, as we have more ability to understand the ferment, and to wield the power of civilisation, than we imagine.

The Storyteller 

Journey to adulthood

Letter to the World

Our world and humanity

The Traveller

The nature of civilisation

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