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Like my writing, my art is symbolic. Art just seemed to find to me, as did writing. I was inspired by life to do them, and found the natural talents inside me waiting when they came to me later in life.

I found that I could draw on holidays once, and I started painting after spending a day in an aboriginal art gallery. They showed me how so much could be said on a single canvass, and I had an experience there that went deep to my core. 

I like to do large and colourful paintings. My favourite painting is the cover of ‘The Department of Truth’, and all my covers are my own work. This page is just a small gallery of some parts of my works, as well as a few drawings. I would like to share more in time.

The ideas my pieces portray are ones of unity, and humanity, and are inspired by my Faith. My love for the beauty and depth of the Baha’i Faith makes me paint and write, otherwise I would not bother.

The vanity of this world and the emptiness of art without meaning would not allow me to.
The depth of this Well I love, and the hopes I hold for people and humanity, give me reason, while all else fails.

I hope you enjoy this small selection
James D


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