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This page, these free stories and ideas, are my effort to help inspire the young, and the young at heart, to write; whether that be prose or poetry. Storytelling is more in my wheelhouse, and more so what this page is about, but I use poetry in my stories, and definitely as a medium to wander deeper. Words strung together in poetry allow the sharing of the sweet strains of things that cannot be gathered by prose. Poetry is sweet, and storytelling a wonderful adventure.

Short stories, and even novels, start with just a title, or maybe an idea. Then…as you begin to write, and as you wander through life, more thoughts, insights, characters, and ideas pop up. If you have an idea for a work, and you let it wander around in you for a while, you will find that ideas, characters, situations come to you. Open the creative flow with a title or an idea for a story, and take part in the magic of creativity. Don’t discount ideas that don’t seem to fit, or characters that seem random, as art is certainly about the melding of things that are not naturally akin.

Magic happens as you let the story unfold naturally. 

Simply write and let the story become what it is to become, or wander around in your life and let the ideas come for a while; allow your story to form a little inside you first. I find the books and ideas find me as my mind wanders about from time to time. Sometimes they just pop out to play, sometimes annoyingly at night. When an idea, a magical setting, a character, a cool name for a character, and other thoughts come to me, I note them down in my phone.

The rest comes in the writing, and if you let it go the story will unfold as you write. When you see a scene in your mind explore it and make it come alive for people who read your work. Take your time to describe it for them, to take them there and set the scenes in which the characters wander. When you find a great character, play with their quirks. Stories, scenes, and characters, come from the unfolding and unexplainable magic of just writing. You are unique, so be inspired by life and other writers, but write as ‘you’ do.  Just write. There may be good skills to arm yourself with, but people want your uniqueness, not a formula.

When characters, if kept in character,
are let go a little and interplay with each other naturally,
they help write the story.

Writing is a process. It has magic and hardship, as all meaningful things do. Just do it step by step, and you will get better at it even if it is natural to you. The more you write, the more you will naturally gather skills, but there are also ways to access various skills. Some little skills and tips go a long way. Determination is required, but this too is a process, and exists in each sitting…simply…Start…and then…Continue. Be patient, and let your body of work slowly grow.

The enjoyment of letting it flow is followed by the cleaning up, editing, and making sure the flow of the plot is served. Let someone, even better, a few friends or family, look over your work to see if you are being understood. We can explain ideas, situations, and places, that we think we have described clearly, but people may not get it. There is always refining to do to the work and I have found that criticism, positive and negative, has been invaluable. It can hurt a little, but it will make your literary work better, and your ability to write stronger.

Write about what you love, or really enjoy. Write about what moves you.
Write your own way too. Don’t be afraid to be different.
We all have different things to give.

Writers also write books differently. Do it the way that suits you. Some plan methodically. Some simply do a mind map of the main ideas, characters, and plot points. Others just write and let the story out first. I would say that you have to let it incubate inside you for a while at least, if you just write. Even if your natural method is to plan strongly first, you can still let the story loose to work its magic when you actually sit down to write it.

Something I have found important is the balance between the magic of a story, and its clarity for the reader, and I feel that you can edit the joy and beauty out of a story if you tidy it too much. Be aware when you cross that line, because a bit of magic beats the hell out of tidy, any day of the week. But the flow of the story, it making sense as it unfolds, and characters kept in character, are very important, even if you get ‘out there’ like me.

Gather inspiration from what inspires you.
Spiritual writings, nature, life situations, people,
things you love…you love.

To end, write poetry, or a short story, first. Write a number of small pieces and gain the joy of completing something. Write a blog. Write memes. Explore a character by explaining them and aspects of them in words. Finishing something and looking back is satisfying and encourages you on. All these can also become parts of, or be seminal for, larger works later on. Appreciation of your work from others who read your smaller offerings also gives, not so much validation, but some idea that your work, your thoughts, might be worthwhile, enjoyable, or both. These things, and especially having friends enjoy your work, will spur you on. 

So, I hope you enjoy these ideas and my small offerings below. I hope they inspire you, and I hope you have fun writing. It can be a very joyful thing, and it is very satisfying to complete a story. It is especially wonderful when people enjoy your work, and tell you so. I have found it to be the big motivator, beyond sharing what you love, or saying what you believe needs be said. So share your work as much as you can, and gather more joy.


“In this Day whatsoever serveth to reduce blindness and to increase vision is worthy of consideration.” Baha’u’llah


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