Crash and The Human Continuum


Crash is an AI crash-test dummy who wanders out into the world by chance; well, after a particularly hard day of testing which damages him. He is a lovely fellow, experiencing a good deal of struggle as he explores further safety solutions for humans. Strangely, this damage to his systems enhances him, allowing him access to deeper fields of the human continuum.
Mmm, maybe.

I wanted to write a book to explore some of the implications of our burgeoning AI and robotic future.
What I found as I wrote though, was how amazing it is to be human. I was able find a few clear foundational realities of AI, but indeed, it turned out to be more of a look at many seemingly small, yet powerfully amazing, aspects of our human creature.

See what you think of Crash, and his wanderings in the human continuum,

as he seeks out what makes humans, human.

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This is a free download for anyone who wants to read this novel.
Copyright applies, but I hope that both youths and adults simply enjoy the story, and maybe gather something useful.

Testimonials appreciated. Even just a sentence on how you felt about the book.
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