Letter to the World

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An angel falls to the Earth, and seeks the meaning of its fall, but also whether humanity should be wiped from physical existence to save the worlds Deeper from the negative, and soulless, energies increasing daily on this freewill planet.

A young street kid named Lilly, rides along with the angel; the angel seeking meaning, and the fourteen-year-old striving to convince the winged creature that the human race is redeemable. The young lady is challenged and learns much about the world and its recent history, as she travels with the angel, and two visitors who have come from the deeper realities for other reasons.

Their challenge is great enough, but Max Nadzor, a career master criminal, and a hidden Ancient Darkness, both hunt the angel and his companions, to gain the power of the angel for their own uses; seeking, by all means, to rise to power over the Earth.

Fly above with Lilly and the angel; seek meaning, and the nature of the world and humanity. Fly to places here and there, and into the past, as many mysterious characters and hidden forces contend in the battle for the future of humanity.

There is meaning hereā€¦as the field needs be well known by those who battle.


“Through adventures and adversity, friendships and loyalties are formed; knowledge and wisdom found.

While these stories are of wild and unreal places, the characters and concepts are very grounded. I find myself often relating to the characters at various times and reflecting on my own life.”

                                                                                                Maureen Barton

Our world and humanity

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I would very much appreciate testimonials.
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