I believe we will find that AI and robotics, or as some term it, the Age of Automation, will show us the depth of our humanness; make clear to us the expanse of inherent qualities within us, that no mere machine can eclipse.

No matter how smart AIs become, they cannot reach the reality of being human, even in the breadth of sight, intellect, and awareness inherent within us. They will not be human, will never hold the essence of life itself, and only mimic it. As we experience more of these creations the human soul will become more apparent.

The creators and wielders of this new great power are responsible for them, and need be held to account, as well congratulated. Boundaries will need be placed, as they will no doubt be terribly and recklessly misused.

But in saying all this, AI and robotics will change our world for the better, free us from the mundane, and make us more capable. They, like all inanimate tools, will be used in wondrously useful ways, and do much of the grunt work, setting us free to create and discover more. The heights they can reach, and the changes they will create in the nature of life, are most likely beyond our vision as yet.

Yet, no matter the hype, I believe we will eventually understand that they are…only tools…to be wielded by people and humanity. They are our creation, and can never be us. It will be their limits that will show us the depth of our human being with much more clarity, and the power of this expansive technology will no doubt call for greater human virtue.

Only God knows what destruction and chaos these capable and learning machines will bring in the hands of lost souls; as well as, what great heights and change will come in positive ways too. But I am sure that it will show us with greater clarity the…depth…of what we…are, and also, more than strongly, remind us that virtue is the only true provider and guarantee of order in the human system.