Exclusion and Truth

Hi. Recently I have seen so much exclusion of related facts, and a lack of width and depth, in the media and in people’s thinking. The noise is growing, but no one is listening, and many quite happy to exclude valid input or to seek real answers. Just more slogans and shutdowns; so many shouting voices and ignorance, so much anger that only creates more anger. Many are struggling to find valid and balanced sources of news.

I wanted to explore this theme as the more I talk to people, and the more I see on the television, the more I see minds closed by selective life views, and far worse. I do not see many thinking for themselves, and I do see so much selective and exclusive thinking.

Some concepts that follow will not be new to Baha’is. As I wandered in search on this subject I naturally found Baha’i themes in my thinking, yet it was a very natural and open minded exploration on the nuture of seeking the truth. I am sure that elevated conversations can be begun with this exploration. At least I hope so…

Exclusion of certain facts and realities leads to distortion of truth…

The exclusion of certain facts or realities in a person’s or a group’s thinking is the reason for bias and leads to a distortion, or to the destruction, of a valid search for the truth of any matter; even more so, if it is continued when evidence of such exclusions clearly present themselves after action has been taken in a particular situation.

These exclusions are of two kinds…

-One is a natural consequence of the learning nature of human creatures, and groups thereof, due to the constraints of knowledge and experience held within the individual or the sum of the group.
-The second is an unnatural exclusion of some facts or realities of a situation due to emotional drives, a lack of effort, social constraints, ignorance, or ego driven tendencies.

Therefore, reaching the highest, or sufficiently wide enough, truth of a matter is relative to the knowledge and experience held, as well as time and learning. It is constrained by exclusion of aspects due to a lack of will, ego, emotional drives, fear, ignorance, and maybe social constructs.

The search for truth needs to be, within itself, the prime motive…

For individuals, and groups, the search for truth needs to be within itself the prime motive, as well as there being the will to continue to learn. Individual humility and detachment are paramount in the participant’s attitude in a group. These are required in individual search too, and assertiveness and social equality are requirements for groups as well.

Individual search and group search also presents flaws if it is relying on unfounded knowledge, does not seek knowledge outside of itself, or does not seek to continue to learn, relatively and within reason.

All searches for truth require humility and effort, more than one mind, and other sources of truth; these sources themselves relying upon proofs that give witness to their validity.

The measure of search best depends on importance, and action is required

The need for expedience, or the importance of an object of learning, within the constraints of the relative nature of the situation, would need measure the amount of search. So much search is over done, as well as underdone, but maybe it is a little better to lean toward overdone.

Action, as well as prior learning and mental effort in an individual or group, is a crucial and valid part of the process of seeking the truth, and shows the progressive, or process, nature of such a search. Good communication within the group, and in ascertaining facts beyond group knowledge too, obviously adds to the process.

If I may add a warning, and the paramount inclusion in search for truth…

If I may just add a warning; from the experience of history and current affairs, it is clear to me, that the measure of exclusion creates the measure of dysfunction; this, to the point that the greater the exclusion of aspects of something in seeking the truth of it, the closer things move towards chaos. It seems that greater exclusion on warring sides keeps them both more so, and longer, at war.

Also, if the search does not regard the nurture of the individual or the peace and wellbeing of the wider group, within reason, and produce unity, then it has fallen to very degenerative exclusion. The human system is for human wellbeing, so exclusion of this nature is the most destructive. The saying…”Love will find a way”…also finds voice in this aspect.

One would posit then, that, the search for truth is relative to many factors and can be somewhat open ended, and this is where we cycle back to the beginning of this small exploration.

James D

PS. May I also say with some passion, that to me, no one wins when we debate, argue, battle; when we only talk of certain aspects of something to empower a position, or throw our puny fractions of truth at each other. I would also posit that everybody wins when the truth is explored, found, and served. It needs be the highest aim, indeed the only aim, as while many think they win with a comment, an opinion, apathy, good debate, passive aggression, coercion, or force, it is not winning at all. It never has been, and never will be, for any individual or group.