Nobility Founded in Love

Love is the guard of the human system, and human nobility is built upon it…

“We are all wondering around on this planet; in the midst of this marvelous mystery. An experience we could not pay for; yet it is greatly challenging. This is the nature of this place. There are so many opportunities to let go and love, to gain spiritual acceptance and insight, and for other growth that can be gained in this crucible of fire. But even considering the value of such things, it would seem we all know it could be much better than it is.
Our nobility as a race is failing more and more, and so the fire grows. We choose the lesser ways again and again, and the pain ramps up. We are almost saying “I want this. I know the heat will rise, but I want it.” hoping the brink is not really near. We are being more and more driven by animal fear and want…and it seems we have fallen far.
This animal way is the maker of order in the natural world, but in the human reality, the human system, fears and wants of the animal only lead to more and more chaos. The human system is a different system. It’s realities are different and far more complex. It simply exists on another plane of reality because of our endowments.
Only a return to nobility, to that which is human, will suffice. Effort in gaining it, and sacrifice in acting on it, will save us from greater measures of pain…and even more greatly, create better soil for peace and prosperity. We are all responsible, and individual effort is required.
There is only one true safe port for us, as individual and race. Only one… Human nobility founded in love.
The rest are mirages of the mind, structures of ego, and shallow mindless emotional bays of our lower nature.
There is only one true safe port. One true structure. Only one.
Human nobility founded in love.”