Building together


I haven’t been blogging lately, as I have been busy writing novels. Life as usual has thrown up plenty of challenges and changes. It can throw up some big decisions too. I see many around me struggling, and I see a lot of fear and anger out there. Why is that we expect so much to be as we want it to, when it is far more likely that it won’t? Why do we think people should be different…when they aren’t? Why don’t we care for each other more?

…Why don’t we seek wisdom of our shared memory?..

I try to look at these, and other aspects of life, in my books, and offer suggestions and ideas as to why we do things, and what may be a better way. I don’t claim the wisdom required to give the answers, but our great history and the Great Messengers have bequeathed to us a mighty torrent of wisdom by which to live, and it defies description why we do not refer to these. The future and newness and change beckons, but if we are to build it needs to be on something solid.
We seem to have taken our eyes off the past, and have not yet ventured into the future with a real vision; a shared human vision. There are varied ideas and ideologies out there, but nothing that has taken humanity to a point of unity, and like societal agreements that were required to build, villages, then city states, states, federations and then nations, one is now required to unite all of us; humanity. It is a very pregnant time in human history.
I don’t believe, as many do, that we can move on together as a race by consensus. It is good that we try, but popular view or angered disagreement cannot take us the required steps to a united human future, and much less give us a vision of what might be our shared purpose; one that can be shared by all of us. Actually there are many warring ideologies now intently in the battle for our future; each one seeking to make us in their own image and likeness. I believe that only an honest earnest search for truth is required, and nothing less.

…Why don’t we care for each other more?..

Many countries are becoming polarised politically, while many smaller groups try to assert themselves, therefore creating more breakdown in the body of humanity. Parts of us disassociating themselves, or individual cells believing they should be able to do anything they want to, is obviously bad for a person; and so is it for the body of humanity. Instead of shouting difference and creating estrangement, we need see that each individual, cultural group, country, and village, has something to give to the body of humanity.
“No two men can be found who may be said to be outwardly and inwardly united.” Baha’u’llah
Maybe our vision needs to change. Maybe ideologies, races, countries, and individuals have to take a back seat to what is good for the whole. Each cell giving its all for the whole, and building the future together, while respecting and nurturing each individual’s inherent worth, and celebrating cultural diversity. I believe, our nobility rests is in striving to be of service to others. Fulfillment can’t be found in self gratification, or individual peace. We need to strive, just as our cells strive for each other to keep us all well and alive.
I just sat down to write today. I certainly didn’t see all this flowing out, but it is clear to me that we have to find more of what unites us, and we have to make an effort to build together. We have to be focused on the struggles of our neighbour, and on building something, anything, valuable, rather than protesting what is bad. We have to live more in compassionate action, as even words are becoming too prolific, and with them a real rise in anger and separation.

…Maybe our vision needs to change…

Arrogance and difference will not serve the human future; our future and our children’s future. Humility and caring will change the world. They are far more powerful than money, social power, or any particular ideology, but we refrain from their use, or we use them selectively. We are refraining from the use of these noble qualities, for lesser ideas and self interest. Humility, justice, seeking the truth of matters together, and even courtesy, are extremely powerful civilising forces.
So, my take is, if I may…
Less words, and more kind action; more effort.
Less protest, more building good things that can change things for the better.
Less knowing, more learning.
Less opinion, more authentic shared search.
Less me, more others.
Less them, more us.
Whatever is against and tearing down…is less. Whatever unites and builds…is more.
Be well
James D