The future is in our hearts.


Our future, individual and collective, arises from what we place in our hearts; in what we choose to love. These are our strongest intentions, and they guide and flavour all else. What we hold as important, what we love, shows us clearly who we are, what our lives are, and what they will be like. If we love our children, before all else, we will sacrifice for them. If we love an idea more than other people, then consequences will follow. If we love our opinion and our coffee, before our partner, then this is how our life will be.


What we love, we serve, and as we act on these, so will be our life.


If we bow the knee to our wants and opinions, if we bow the knee to lesser thoughts of division and hate, if we bow the knee to apathy, then these are our gods and are then a sure sign of what will come. Also, if our hearts only crave another possession, another high, or our opinion to be heard, then we are addicts damned to ever fall. I hear so many hearts full of complaining these days, and at the same time holding there too, a strongly entrenched apathy to act. If these are the gods of our hearts, how can the future be bright?

I would suggest that a higher love needs to be nurtured in our hearts, one free of all things, but love and justice. If we hold these higher than all else our world will bloom. Only hearts, cleared of the clogging fats of our own self importance, and all this worlds endless attachments, may renew the blood flow into the body of humanity…thereby nurturing and strengthening all of us.


If our hearts are cleansed of the endless wants of the self, then the flow of the higher aspects of human nobility may flow through them, and our lives and our world will change.


Many don’t seem ready to sacrifice these lesser things for a better future, and can’t stand being even a little physically or emotionally inconvenienced. Acceptance and tolerance, two great human powers, have been blocked from flowing through our hearts by selfishness, ego and ignorance; hence the endless words and complaining. We must be ignorant, because all this is only hurting us. We have been talked into lesser things, and much of humanity has been re-‘made in the image and likeness’ of profiteers, and ideologues…of the fearful, and the addicted.

Freedom and future lie squarely, and to me without doubt, in the choice of what we hold dear in our individual hearts. If we could place again within it the consciousness of nobility, and the understanding that apathy is only a lack of understanding of the great power, beauty and capability that is within us, then we may ford a new pathway. A pathway away from the cliff we seem to be racing intently toward. We are endlessly distracted by lower things, ideas, thoughts, words, endless baubles, and promises, and we do not see the precipice ahead…as these are our gods.


Being truly spiritual has never been about denial of our material needs, but some freedom from various things and wants can create a much more abundant and creative future. We still may enjoy things, no doubt, but it is just that they should not belong in our hearts, or be our gods. 


If we place higher intent in our hearts, then we may finally rest from the rabid mind, the endless chatter, individual and collective, that was brought on by all this want and ego; by all this that is blocking humanity’s heart and making our world sick. If we remember our nobility…it is still there, just unused…and exercise it, then we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Our lower selves have kept our minds busy, our hearts separated, our mouths endlessly running, and our world stagnant…even with its great scientific advancement.

Step back beyond the thoughts, opinions, wants and emotions. Be silent, and reintroduce yourself to your higher consciousness, clear your heart, and watch your nobility and a greater future naturally flow through. Make meaningful connections and seek purpose in aid of the whole; let these be the aims of your nobility. Acts of love and purpose are far more gratifying, nurturing and deeply felt than any of our lower enjoyments or addictions may fleetingly provide…because love and purpose, connection and meaning, are intrinsic to what we are as human beings.


All it takes is a change of heart….a change of heart.


 James D