Humanity’s Youth

Youth 2

As a child the human race had to learn the basics and threw plenty of tantrums. Now as a youth, historically thinking, it’s powers of intellect and physical ability are growing. Like any youth it is also wandering into dangerous places, getting sidetracked, and being endlessly distracted, but it is learning. Learning about itself and what it thinks.

Underneath the hub hub, crazy social fads and wars, we are learning what is good and what is not. We are being inexorably drawn down a path of learning that will take us to adulthood. It is a time of great flux and some chaos, but it is making many things clear, or it will.
We are getting things very right and very wrong, and we will learn because reality calls out the truth in all things eventually. I believe East and West are now creating more links than ever before, and being forced together; and it is creating heat. Heat which sometimes brings anger and pain, but also in time, learning and unity.
The human race will need it’s spiritual powers in this movement forward, and they will be called for more and more, as I believe even those who take the lesser path will come to need them. Only love, compassion, courage, truthfulness, justice, honesty etc etc will quell the fire. We will come to understand that love and support, person to person, is life, and we will eventually move forward to an adult reality.
It is the time of the final coming together of the world. The quicker we learn, the less the pain. But whether it is just some pain or big pain, we will be forced to understand equality and unity on a world scale.
It is not only inevitable. It is now
James D