Human Nobility


What is nobility to you?
What constitutes human nobility?
When I think of Gandhi I think of nobility. When I think of Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr, I think of nobility. These are stand out people in recent history.
The greatest nobility rests in those who are selfless, to me. We can be grand, do great things, know so much, love those close so deep, grow so strong, grow so deep in the knowledge of spirit, but unless we are giving of self, unless our actions are powered by selfless love, then how noble are we? These other things can all be valuable, but to give of yourself for the betterment of others; this is the highest nobility.
Mr Gandhi and Mr Mandela suffered greatly for a love greater than themselves, and I love them because they are beautiful. I love them because they are noble. Their nobility is beautiful. I love Jesus because he suffered and died to bring beauty to the world of man, and I have come to the same love for Baha’u’llah. All mentioned brought life to us through their own pain and suffering. The great ones were not about being right, or high, they came to show us selflessness, and their actions attest to the truth of true nobility.
To be grand, to be knowledgeable, to be poised, to be happy, to be well off, to be a good orator, to have good arguments…well what are they by themselves. All these may fail at any time, and truly be nothing if powered by self. To me, nobility is far beyond these things, and it does not have to be grand. It just may be a smile when you don’t have one to give…and you give it anyway because it will help another soul.
Our deepest reality is simple, and it is a power within all of us. Our nobility can bring a new world and save us from the God awful mess we are creating. It’s us who bring love and nobility to the human system. We do…by our choice to give, or to be at ease. Nobility on a wider scale would see the dark falling back like it was never there. We know what is good, and it is simple. Actions are true and the rest is details and talk.
We need to seek to be noble, and become noble, and maybe the world can begin to change.
James D