The Conversation

There is a lot of talk out there, and with the inception of the internet it has grown beyond all measure. The global conversation is very much here. It is a wonderful thing that humanity can interact one to one all over the world, but I wonder whether we really understand the power of speech, it’s nature and our responsibility in the conversation.
We have the right to express our thoughts, but it seems to me that we have turned on an endless flow of self expression; right or wrong, biased or not, well explored or not. It seems that opinions now don’t have to be founded on anything. I see little consideration, exploration or effort to ascertain facts, as well as obvious omissions and bias, in peoples opinion, and in all media.
I also find little care to remedy situations in a considered fashion. There is more so only the will to simply pass comment, over dramatize or sensationalize them. I find that sheep still bleat on with little care to find the truth of a matter, and that dogs still simply bark at those who are not of their pack. There is also a rise in the use of various words and slogans that are tending to shut down conversation and to enforce certain modes of thought. This is fraught with danger, insidious and will always fail. The endless revolutions of the 20th Century bear ample evidence to the nature of backlash.
And while we are busy with all our conversations, the reality of our world is slipping. While we are busy with our ravings, people are being killed. While we have our endless opinions whole countries fall to chaos. While we yammer on our children are being drawn more into the consumer culture, the culture of self. How often are we rabbiting on with media when we could be talking with those we love?
We are not valuing the power of speech, or each other. I believe the conversation and our personal expression needs to rise higher, and plumb deeper. I believe humility and seeking the truth of a matter together, or exploring a better way forward with each other, is a good use of our power of speech. Speech, as all things, should nurture a better life and a better future.
May I suggest that our most important conversations are with the ones we love. Then the conversations with our friends and neighbours. Conversations about how you can enhance the life of those around you; your family and your neighbourhood. Maybe we can take charge of our own future together. Maybe we can talk about how to educate our children to build a better world. Maybe we can reconnect, recreate community and build a better future through the power of speech.
The potential of the power of speech is only held back by our misuse of it. Let’s make the conversation about something. Let’s elevate the conversation. Let’s be adult. Let’s build with it.
James D