The new reality beckons. Maturity is calling humankind out of our collective youth. The new humankind is coming…


The one single problem with our world is the lack of oneness. The more we separate ourselves the further we all fall.
Humankind is all now interlinked and interrelated. There is, truly, at this time in our evolution…no, us and them. That time and reality has past. The reality of this age, in human evolution, is here. We might fight it for a while, but it is here. We might struggle with it, but it is here.
Despite so much belief to the contrary, we are all people; with the same hopes and aspirations. All fundamentalists… political, intellectual, religious, are not representative of the majority. The fear that these people engender…our fears…keeps us from each other, from knowing each other, and from solutions that are reasoned.
An endless number of camps, of groups of foot stamping children, keep us busy. Debate grows more fierce, and instead of humility and seeking answers that work, we have to debate on the answers each of the warring elements want. There is greater militancy, of mind and mouth. And in the world beyond our shores, the militancy of physical war and breakdown grows.
No matter how much any reasoned voices cry out…it seems fear and drama will bring it to naught; or that some insipid intellectual discussion will keep us looping in the endless circles of grey. What is right… is right. What works… will work. It is only bias, pride, ignorance, greed, and self interest that stops solutions happening.
And that happens… because we are not adults yet.
The new reality beckons. Maturity is calling humankind out of our collective youth. The new humankind is coming to a town or suburb near you. Embrace it, and do all you can to unify. I am not saying kowtow, I mean real unity, which lies in honest courageous humble communication, and in building community together.
Or we can do nothing, and simply allow the disintegrating forces to tear us down with the old humanity, and teach us the hard way. I am not saying that all people are good, and that we should be reckless…I am saying that whether you, or I, like it or not, we are in for some learning. We will learn to be humble, or we will be humbled.
Either way we will grow up. Either way we will unite. 
We will all feel the pain of the impending maturity of mankind. We will finally, and inevitably, come to know that life is in each other, not in our self, our comfort, or our ideas. Only humility and unity will assuage the fury of this great wind of change, where you live. Only these. Any efforts have to be real, not a sound bite, or an ideal, or false platitudes, or the calling out of slogans.
It will have to be person to person, heart to heart, building together, and keepin’ it real.