Truth and Justice


These two, truth and justice, are linked, inherently and inexorably. Where there is less truth, there is less justice. Where there is less justice, there has to be less truth.


On the human plane of existence, justice is the glass on the reality of truth; in things social and situational. Any search for these two in the human kingdom, needs to be loving at its core, and not based on culture or a particular ideology. The truth is the truth, and justice is justice, even if it is gained step by step, or after many missteps.
I believe, that if the search for these two great lights is not accepting of the very particular reality of the situation, or based on actual evidence, or solid wisdom, then I don’t believe an outcome can be true or just. If it is not loving, be that tough love or compassion, then these two great gems can not be said to have been found. If the human heart is divorced from these decisions, or if the soul is burdened by them, then how can they be true or just.
What is the truth exactly?
The truth is the truth. To me, the trouble is that our will to seek it, and true justice, together, lies squarely at the rotting corpse of caring; caring for another before ourselves. Through the lens of selflessness, truth may be discerned more easily. It is love that allows the unlocking of justice and truth in a situation. Even in the way we seek the truth, and seek justice most especially, together, needs be deeply couched in humility and love.
Truth requires effort and vigilance, and growth. What is true today, may not be true tomorrow, and what is true in one situation, is not true in another. What I am trying to say, is that justice is caring, and not absolute; it is human, and this is the truth.
In true science the truth can never be different to the facts, but in the human realm and its situations even facts do not create justice, they guide justice. The truth is not an opinion either, a particular fact, or a belief, no matter how true or magnificent its is. It is love’s view of all these things. Only love itself, free of self, will change our world. Only this, and not more endless intellectual wandering. As while our intellectual abilities are marvelous, the truth is not only intellectual, it is inherent; inherent in our beings, our reality, our hearts.
Until we give ourselves up to this ideal way, we will falter on our endless opinions and differing perceptions. We will falter on ego, we will falter on self interest, and whatever else comes between us and love, justice and truth. Whatever stops us finding the truth, bars the way to justice and love. These are all quite literally inseparable, and are requirements for human well-being; for our maturity as a race, and true unity and nurture, from our homes to our planet.
Justice is love and truth. Truth is love and justice. Love is truth and justice. All may be seen, by the aid of the other.
Be love, seek the truth, ascertain justice.