I watch this world, and I engage, and learn…hopefully.

I engage with those who do not agree with me, and those who do, but usually more so those with some openness of mind, as I find closed minds are of all kens and less likely to produce anything new; and I attempt to learn, and gather. I explore with them what their constructs can handle, and I gain some clarification of what I believe, and what I see, by this. I also learn a great deal from them; most especially those who have sought real answers, no matter their beliefs.
What I have found mostly, is that there is a place, or a point where a person will no longer pursue exploration. I say to them, “But, what lies beyond that place?”, “What can we see, or learn, of that reality?”,  “What about this aspect, or that?”, and they stop. Maybe some reach in later on in their own thoughts, and don’t tell me, I don’t know. But I believe strongly that to step beyond our own knowledge, is a great gift that life continuously affords us and even pushes us to. To me, for awareness to be held back due to fear is a sad thing, and makes us and our world less. Exploration seems to be less and less attractive to people.
I know that when I have been down certain byways of exploration, I am also loathe to return there, so I understand that not everyone wants to go everywhere. I also understand that there are times in our lives where we have had enough exploring, and need to simply live. I don’t expect anyone to engage in any conversation they do not wish to, because I sure don’t. So just as every other human, I too, choose, at any time to walk with another down a certain road of exploration, or not, and I respect our right not to. I also believe that just talking rubbish, and enjoying the company of others, sure does have its magical place. Just wanted to clarify that.
One thing that does drive me to initiate or facilitate exploration, is seeing people manipulated, or kept down, or those who are jailed in so many ways, and yet believe they walk free. To me, the more I explore, and the more I seek the truth of a matter, the more sure I become… and hopefully the more I become. Manipulation is only possible, where there are closed minds; whether by choice or not. Humanity struggles under many manipulations and distractions, and all by choice really. Because we can choose to see more, or we can stay in the jail of our own limited knowledge; the place where we believe we a re safe, or our egos are appeased. Ignorance is usually due to fear, or want.
I see also, many just copy and paste information, and do not explore or test their understanding in life itself, or test it with those with different views or experience. The social conditioning of the time, place or social group rules them. I suppose what I am trying to say is that, exploring, having an open mind, and thinking for yourself…but mostly the continued will to explore and test what you see as true, is life and freedom, and is like breathing to me. These are the gold of life, and they make you rich beyond anything in this place.
I am not talking about argument or debate, as you can win a debate, and not be right or come away learning anything at all; an argument more so. Anger can be frustration due to ignorance in another or yourself, or that you or they are not detached enough, or not truly seeking truth, but mostly it is the ego protecting itself and its construct, in you, or others. I also believe that to push another beyond their comfort zone a little may be of value, maybe; beyond a certain limit though, may be not courteous. Humility too is a requirement of an open mind, as is unapologetic sharing of what you see, and a sense of humour and kindness to allow exploration.
The search for truth, and to explore it together, on small, to more far reaching subjects, is so valuable to us. I love talking with open minded feeling thinking souls who like to reach deeper and wider, people who seek to learn, not so much ‘know’, and I struggle with those stuck in inflexible constructs…but accepting their right to them, and respecting their being, all the same. But, what I always see clearly though, is when the line of ignorance is drawn, and the exploration ends.
I very much enjoy running with something that opens another soul to more, or that helps us both discover more, or helps us both gain more clarity, or that even helps me see my own childishness or stupidity in something… because I know I am going to see more, in all these cases. To see more easily the workings of life, as you walk through this place, is a joy, and I believe it is how man reaches into his future. The full nature of this life is far beyond us, but we may seek it out, and learn more about its nature and our existence…and maybe even in just living the day to day…as living, itself, is exploring.
Anyway, what do I know.
Well, maybe that there is more freedom and strength to be gained in exploration, and seeking truth, rather than staying safe, or right. Maybe there is more happiness, and a better future, beyond the now lapping shores of our own knowledge.
James D