We may use all the powers of our soul, fully and immediately.


We work day in and day out, on our patience, on our kindness, on our assertiveness, on our contentment, on our honesty. The fact is, that we may wield these powers fully, and immediately. They are part of us, and we may simply call on them. It is not that we are working on them. It is that we are working on freeing ourselves up enough to use them.
If you want to forgive, you can. If you want to trust, you can. If you want to love, you can. If you want to be flexible, you can. If you want to be moderate, you can. If you want to have faith, you can. Anything; and all available to you right now. It’s mainly that people don’t know they can, or are less aware of them. Many also seem less aware of what these can do for our families, workplaces, neighborhoods, communities, and the world; hence this blog.
Saying all this, I do believe that we intrinsically know what is good, and know that we can be kind, honest, courageous, selfless etc. But we slowly walked away from them, as if somehow we believed we could. Like children running away from a warm house and food on the table, for a less noble, cold and fearful life on the street.
What stops us using them mostly, is that we may not want to pay the material price, or that our lower self feels it may miss out on something, or that we are fearful of something, or that our ego cannot take a hit… but the choice itself is always totally free and clear…
Do I wield the powers of my soul, or do I give in to my lower nature? Do I do what is high and good, or do I serve something lesser? What power or mix is most valuable and real in this situation?
Please understand I am not preaching here, because just as certainly discernment and justice are powers too. I am just seeking to increase vision. You can take from all this, what you will.
To me, to live life well, is to accept whatever fate is to bring, however it works. Bow to its wisdom, and simply wield your spiritual abilities; and keep working on them when you fail. We are eternal souls, in a material existence; I believe, so we may simply choose these powers more and more, or choose to allow the ascendancy of our lesser powers.
You, and all of us, may recreate this world, by wielding the powers of our soul. The world is, and does, become a better, higher place, through them. Human kind can claim its nobility through actions powered by these high attributes. Through these may come peace, and a healthy future. So please don’t say life should be better, make it better. Don’t say you are working on these abilities, know that they are all there, and that maybe you won’t use them right now.
We may not choose to use these powers, because we believe more in the material than the spiritual, at any one time, and therefore the world falls a little deeper into the hole it is sinking in. The material health and wealth of the world is not based on power, so called, or greed, it is supported by love and justice. The long term material health and abundance of the world is based squarely on the foundation of these powers in our actions, and their presence in the workings and actions of the various organs of society.
Greed, ego, and ill-considered reactive ideologies, are only shaking this world, and believe me, it is the powers of the soul arrayed against them, within us, and in our actions, that are holding back the final fall.  But, we are, as a race, using them less and less, and wondering why life is crazy and bad; why there is no material health or justice. Spirit creates the structural integrity of the human system.
Spirit, and these powers, underlie all things. You have the power. It is your choice to use them. When they grow in the world, the light comes back. When we don’t use them, well…the light slowly fades.
So you hold the power to bring through the love and beauty of these powers into the human system. You hold the powers to help recreate the world, and your small part of it. You are powerful; believe that you may wield them fully at any time… because you can. It’s just your choice. This is free will. We are all, one and all, choosing our world, our neighborhood, our workplace, our home, and we need to be responsible.
Where there is no water, there is no life. Where there is no light, there is no life. Human goodness, these powers of the soul, are a requirement for the sustaining of the human system, just as the sun and the rain are for the physical system. Our world is dying, because we are, and now becoming even unaware of our own beings, and what truly holds this world, and even our families together. We are not animals, and the animal powers cannot hold the human system together.
The world is due to turn, when, I don’t think anyone can be sure, but it will turn if we don’t turn it. The chaos of a soulless world will make us scuttle out of our lower natures and reach more and more for our nobility. We will choose them, or they will choose us. We are all responsible, and we most definitely have to begin exploring and exercising our human powers more and more fully, in all the places of our lives.

Just know you can use them anytime, right now, full on…  feel their power.

James D