Struggle and Other Things


Struggle is sometimes a new learning coming to us, or showing us the need to allow more of a certain light through into the world. Sometimes too, it is a reminder of something we have learnt, but failed to maintain in our reality. It may also be another struggle against our lower nature, or to even understand our own makeup better, and so become more at ease with our limitations.
Struggle is something we bring to ourselves by our thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and actions, as well. Hopefully that we may learn and grow beyond them. Then there are the outer situations of struggle, beyond our intent and actions, which are a large part of the mechanism of this reality; part of the mechanism of the growth of human souls in this place of existence.
Struggle is always hard, always good, and is always wisdom knocking on the door. Injustice is always wrong, and always bad. Be very clear which is which, and you will grow.
To me also, growth is not just personal growth, it must also be collective, or the system in which we exist will become chaotic, and in the end fail to provide the requisite boundaries for growth. Inner peace is one aim, yet there are many others.
This reality that we have been born into has so so many more perfections, and just as there is not only one law in physical reality, I believe, there is not one single law in spiritual reality. The growing of ones soul is only one of the purposes of life, and to me, fails to reach the heights of its beauty and potential while ignoring the other two. The other two, again, to me are, to seek to know the Essence of Life, and to aid the collective growth and nurture of our kind.
These all interplay, enhance and inform each other. All three are requirements. If one is missing, then one is building their reality off of a flawed foundation. These requirements are the same when looking at our physical reality. To look after yourself, is individual growth. To look after your family, is collective growth. To seek to be educated, is guidance of The Essence of Life. All, again, inherent to the nature of life.
To me, first there is knowledge, then love, and so then we may grow. Just as the plant needs the light of the sun, and the rain, to grow. One aspect of the plant’s nature is not the whole plant, either. What I am saying here is, that there is so much more to life than personal growth, or one single spiritual law, and that while the truth is simple, there are so many forces, laws and realities in play, in this life.
There is so much in life. To over-simplify the complexity of all life, because of the catch cry of “life is simple”, to me, is a mistake. Life can be simple, but yet it is most definitely not.
James D