Right and Wrong


Mmmm, big question! What is right and what is wrong? A question that is so subject to our particular beliefs; especially ones deeply held.


Right and wrong is a huge question. One that is all too quickly answered by closed minds of all kens, and also something that has been blurred to all hell, by a world full of, if I may be frank and include myself, us selfish children doing what we want, what makes us look good, keeps us safe or well off. We are too self-focused, and chase more and more for ourselves, no matter the good of others, or what is good for the society we live in.

Today, in this particular time in human history, we are beginning to see clearly the failure of what is wrong, yet looking through the tainted glass of self we seemingly fail to see what is right, or wish to act on either of them. So many of us talk of high ideals, yet fail to act on them in daily life. Some even use high ideals to manipulate others for profit or ideology. Maybe people are confused as to what is right. Maybe they are lost in the endless words, and the drunken dance, of the groundswell of humanity. Others are just holding on and hoping things will somehow miraculously change.


To me, this time is a time of suffering, and madness…”wailling and gnashing of teeth.” Because all this ‘self’, these endless words, this lack of kindness and apathy are actually making us unhappy.


Good, is very real, no matter the jeers of many. Right, is simple, and not just our opinion. The cells of our body don’t just do what they like, they strive hard to do what they do, and that which is good for the body. They will even sacrifice themselves for each other so the body can remain together, hold integrity, and be healthy. We, on the other hand, as ‘cells in this body of humanity’, separate ourselves by only seeking the advancement of our own material interest or ideology. This is bringing on greater illness in the human organism that sustains us. The unifying force of ‘Us’ in body of humanity is waning. We are slowly rotting, and eventually that will lead to a kind of leprosy; chaos in the human world.

Ideology, intellectualism, arrogance, ignorance, and fundamentalism, are on the rise; an endless parade of narrow childlike ideas, which are becoming more and more absolute and polarizing. It now seems that we not only ‘need’ to get what we want, but now people have to also agree with us, or we rage against them. This only adds to the chaos and creates more victims, furthering the degree of separation and breakdown.


Hate destroys, love binds, and only unity brings life and nurture to a cooperative life form.


The impending leprosy of chaos looms on a world of ‘human cells’ who don’t help others because of our greed, racial intolerance, intellectual stance or ideology, right down to a lack of  basic kindness, empathy, or caring. The structure and nurture of our life systems will fail us, because we separate ourselves, and smash others with our arrogance. This, after all the many years of endless words, stress and negativity that have battered humanity’s bodily integrity to the point of crumbling.

A new humanity will stand beyond this time in history, on higher ground, and look back. The lessons will be all too clear. We will see that we can’t have everything we want, and that we have to sacrifice for each other. We will see that tolerance is a virtue, and difference celebrated. We will see that doing good things, is doing things for others and for the common good. We will see that disunity is chaos, and that unity is a requirement of the human kingdom, the human system, the human reality. We will understand that happiness and abundance lies in connection and shared purpose.


We will know that unity is right, and that disunity is wrong.
We will know that self is wrong in all its unhealthy manifestations, and utterly so.


So…to me…if i may be so bold…the answer to what is right and what is wrong, is clear. If we, as individuals or groups, are motivated by doing good for another, or for the common well being, it is good, and therefore ‘right’. If we are motivated to make only our own existence better, or seek only what we want, then we are destroying, by the degree, and to the sum of our selfishness, that which sustains us; this surely being ‘wrong’.

Please imagine a mature world where there is mutual aid and support in all things, where there is value placed in effort, unified purpose and love. Please imagine the care and nurture each cell would then receive. Because, either by our right choices, large and small, in an effort create a mature world, or by the leprosy of chaos due to our inaction and selfishness, this more mature world will inevitably come.

Either way it will come through the beauty of self-sacrifice. This from the selflessness of enlightened souls seeking to re-integrate humanity, or from the great necessities forced on us by the growing disintegration; more probably, a mixture of these.


One way or the other, the time of me is ending, as it was always going to.
“The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

James D